GSM-16 Now Available.

GeoSight GSM-16 scanner

Remote Access & Exploration with GSM-16

Ore pass inspection

Crown pillar

Scanning old workings



STANDARD OUTPUT: Easily export to DXF or Point Cloud

ROBUST DESIGN: Designed to meet IP67 Rating

LIDAR SCANNER: Scan 16° in a single pass, faster and more accurate than ever before!

SELF ORIENTING: Maintains scanner orientation and positional accuracy using IMU technology and dead reckoning

MOTORIZED DEPLOYMENT: Lower with a small motorized winch or push upward with solid fiberglass rodder

LIGHTS/CAMERA/ACTION: See it all live as the scanner is deployed

65mm DIAMETER: Fits in standard NQ, HQ drill holes or any 3” borehole

GeoSight GSM-16 scanner