We build the TOUGHEST SCANNERS in underground mining


GeoSight borehole scanner. Scan inaccessible voids through a drillhole up to 350m deep.


NX-150 CMS

The most reliable and robust cavity
monitoring system in the world.


Exyn Nexys

Survey-grade LiDAR + proprietary SLAM algorithms.


Innovative solutions for scanning dangerous and inaccessible cavities in underground mining operations

Geosight is one of the first creators and innovators in underground cavity scanning technology and with our next generation of scanners our clients are able to scan voids, stopes and underground workings as never before.

As the only CMS that uses solid state LIDAR we can give you a complete picture immediately after the operator scans, no extra software, no special computer, just scan and view!

The toughest mining scanners

A scanner is only as good as its durability allows. Improved functionality/speed comes at a cost and must be balanced with ruggedness and durability.

Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a scanner, and having it destroyed or damaged and unable to carry out its essential function, is worse than having no scans at all.

With most technology used underground, it’s not a question of if your scanner will fail, but when it will fail. Will it get damaged from a rock fall? Will its carbon fibre housing fail? Will failures arise from glitchy software or from deploying your scanner into an area that it should not be used? Yes, given the dangerous working conditions for mining equipment, most underground scanners will fail at some point. Geosight scanners, however, have a proven track record as the toughest scanners in the industry.

To this day, 95% of all Geosight scanners ever built are still in operation. Join their ranks. Try our scanners and see for yourself why they are built to last.

Trusted by mine bosses worldwide

Three industry-leading surveying tools

GeoSight is an R&D company that also manufactures its designs.

All designs and upgrades are driven by you – the customer.

Our motivation is to be the most robust and reliable survey instruments in the world.

Our clients have confirmed we do make the most rugged scanners for underground.