Bottom Access

The Buggy System was designed for bottom access locations and allows the CMS to be rolled in to distances up to 30m.

Top Access

The Boom System allows for deployment of the CMS in top access locations and is made of durable and light weight carbon fibre rods that connect and extend up to 10m.

Vertical Scan

The CMS can be lowered down a pass more than 330m vertically or down inclines using the Buggy System.

See the GeoSight CMS in Action

GeoSight CMS provides users with an innovative solution for scanning dangerous and inaccessible cavities in underground mining operations. It allows users to perform the regular 3D laser mapping of underground voids, shafts, stopes and ore passes quickly, safely and with accuracy. Fast, real-time data acquisition decreases operator exposure time underground, reducing potential risk to the operator.

Acquired data gives insight to stope production, helps extend site usable life, reduce dilution, calculate backfill volume, and investigate backfill and blast efficiency.

GeoSight CMS is rugged, completely cable free, and remotely operated; eliminating the need to send operators to potentially dangerous areas. It is quick and easy to deploy and easy to use. Our training provides everyone, even those with limited surveying experience, the ability to confidently and effectively use our CMS equipment.


GeoSight implements a Management System, certified by QAS according to Standard ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate Number CAN1867)

Illustration of GeoSight applications

GeoSight has the toughest scanner in mining...

Since 2011, GeoSight has been providing Cavity Monitoring Systems (CMS) to the underground mining industry and has deployed systems to customers across six continents.