Exyn Nexys – Autonomous LiDAR Mapping

Fully modular 3D mapping ecosystem

Survey-grade LiDAR + proprietary SLAM algorithms that deliver industry-leading data capture speeds, real-time colorization, on premise post processing, and instant onsite visualization in a variety of physical configurations, levels of autonomy, and environmental conditions.

Real time colorization & visualization

Get real-time visualization of your captured data with full detail and colorization in the field to ensure the scan area is correct and complete before you leave the site. ExynView, the company’s proprietary software, controls capture and post processing in the same system, allowing for fast on premises processing for more streamlined workflows.



Fast & efficient capture of survey grade data

Incredibly adaptable to changing environments, Exyn Nexys’ SLAM-based spatial mapping is capable of capturing up to 1.9 million scan points per second at up to 5mm @ 1 sigma , while continuously updating the map as new data is received.

Versatile deployment

Designed to be highly versatile and ruggedly ergonomic, the Exyn Nexys can be quickly and easily switched between a variety of configurations, giving users the flexibility and cost efficiency to use one device in any mapping environment – inside, outside, below ground, short or long distance, autonomous or piloted, connected or not connected to communications networks.

Mount it on the Geosight carbon fibre boom and it becomes an easy-to-use CMS. Not as rugged or reliable as the NX-150 but in a pinch it is a good low use substitute.

The Exyn Nexys in action

The EXYNVIEW software controls capture and post processing in the same system, allowing for fast on premise processing for more streamlined workflows. Creates clean, georeferenced point clouds automatically with additional processing and filtering, and data interoperability into third party software applications.

Built to IP67 standards, the Exyn Nexys offers the highest protection against water and solid ingresses, such as windblown dirt and other airborne solid materials (as well as water hoses, jet sprays, and momentary water immersion.) It is guaranteed to function in indoor, outdoor, wet, and demanding industrial and commercial settings.

The Exyn Nexys' hemispherical cameras cover 100% of the field of view of the LIDAR making it easier to generate fully colorized clouds without any additional hardware or cost. Derive additional insights from point clouds with accurate colorization visualization at no additional cost.

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Technical point cloud video showing navigation and mapping of a very tall, narrow stope for Rupert Resources.

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