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On-Site Service

Have a new operation that requires scanning? Doing remote access or new exploration? We can send a GeoSight technician & mining expert to your site with all the right technology to get the job done with precision and safety.

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No downtime.

Get a loaner CMS when you send in your CMS yearly for a 20-point inspection with GeoSight's "Maintenance Check-Up".

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GeoSight CMS is rugged, completely cable free, and remotely operated; eliminating the need to send operators to potentially dangerous areas. It is quick and easy to deploy and easy to use. Our training provides everyone, even those with limited surveying experience, the ability to confidently and effectively use our CMS equipment.


Good service, flexible work schedule, professional, always gets the job done.


Susan Teague, Senior Mine Planner - FNX Mining Company Inc. Podolsky Mine

McCreedy West Mine has an excellent working relationship with GeoSight Inc. John Lupton has been most accommodating to our changing schedules, i.e. arriving when the stope is ready. His experience has helped us get the best cavity survey possible and he has done this with safety always being number one.


Denis Doucette, P. Eng Senior Mine Planner. McCreedy West Mine

The GeoSight cavity monitor is a powerful tool for designing stopes for a second phase of mining after the primary stopes are mined out.


George MacPherson, Chief Mine Engineer. McCreedy West Mine

The GeoSight CMS provides fast and reliable surveys. The tablet interface is a simple mobile device that enables the surveyors to check the cavity at the work site. The turnaround on service and repairs is quick. Overall we are pleased with the product and are looking forward to more innovations John and GeoSight can provide.


Doug Bruce, Senior Production Planning Coordinator (Barrick Hemlo)

Many thanks to John and Andrew for their very quick repair and service of our GeoSight scanner. Dispatched Thursday and back on site the following Tuesday using overnight airfreight. When working on a mine site where we maintain only one CMS, minimal downtime is critical. The unit with upgrades is now working better than ever. Thank you again


Tim Kavanagh, Registered Mine Surveyor (NSW)

I have been impressed with the service and turnaround times for maintenance and repair from both Haefili-Lysnar & John Lupton. As for the GeoSight Scanner, although there were some early teething problems, these seem to have been rectified, and I have since found the scanner to be reliable, quick and easy to use, and durable. The scanner has been exposed at times to quite wet working conditions, with no apparent ill effect, which shows impressive water resistant qualities. The internal battery and [wifi] capability have proved to also be attractive features of the unit.


Barrie Clarke, Chief Surveyor - Doray Minerals Ltd.

A través de esta carta le comento que actualmente nuestra empresa "Primo Compañía Minera S.A. de C.V." tiene operando un equipo CMS Scanner, en el Distrito minero San Dimas, este equipo nos ha sido de gran utildad para los levantamientos de las cavidades generadas con la barrenación larga, es muy exacto y sencillo de operar, por lo que tenemos los resultados requeridos en tiempo y calidad en las mediciones.


Martin Ontiveros Alvarado, Jefe De Topografos - Primero

Had the opportunity to use GeoSight's mineI cavity monitoring system, great piece of hardware and outstanding customer service from the people at GeoSight.


Marvin McMurray, Mine Technician - Teck Resources Limited

Good Service, and timely.


John Landriault, Mine Technician. Northgate Minerals Corporation

What a pleasure it is to work with a new piece of equipment. The Minei has performed fantastic since we received it and I might add without any problems. Last month-end I performed five(5) scans and was on surface by 12:30 and without any incidents. Real nice and friendly to use.


Cecil Savoury, Senior Mine Surveyor Technician. Teck Resources Limited

GeoSight CMS after a rock fell on it

This was a new scanner that was smashed by falling rocks! But we were able to go immediately and do more scanning! The fact that it still worked is a powerful testament to our technology. We have the toughest scanner in mining.


John Lupton, President. GeoSight CMS

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