GeoSight SCOUT
Borehole Deviation Measurement Tool

GeoSight Scout scanner
GeoSight Scout scanner


Geosight Scout is the next step in the Wireless Hole Deviation Measurement Systems.

This easy to use and cost-effective instrument accurately and quickly informs the operator of the accuracy of their drilling.

Whether it is Diamond Drilling for exploration or Long Hole production drilling, it is a tool that sites will find they can not do without!

Bore Deviation measurement tool

Vertical & Directional drilling

Production drilling deviation

Cased or uncased drill holes

GeoSight Scout scanner use cases

GeoSight Scout

OPERATOR CONTROLLED: No need to have a surveyor pickup the collars. Easy to use, the Scout will walk the operator thru the process to position the unit using real world objects!

NO MAGNETIC INTERFERENCE: The Scout uses the Coriolis coupling effect to position itself, so magnetism has no effect on its measurements. It works totally independently from earths magnetic field and doesn’t require large spinning masses to calculate movement - completely solid state.

REAL-TIME DATA: No need to process after the fact. Just import your planning into the system and the Scout software will give you real time deviation information!

FAST AND ACCURATE: The driller can be the operator; Immediately after the hole is completed the accuracy of the hole is calculated. Anyone can use the system with 10 minutes of training!

GeoSight Scout scanner


Scout Base Station + Scout + Rodder

2" - 10" Diameter Holes up to 300m Depth

Built-in laser for marking a reference point

Wireless transfer of data

3D hole trace immediately visible in the field

IP67 Rating

Drill holes from AQ all the way up to CHD 134 — various size Hole Expanders available
Boreholes from 2" to 6" (and above)

Inclination: ± 0.2°
Depth: ± 0.02% / 100 m
Accuracy: ± 0.03% /100 m

Scout Base Station:
Diameter 160mm | Length 580mm | Weight 2.5kg

Diameter 40mm | Length 610mm | Weight 2.1kg

Length +100m | Weight 6.25kg / 100m | Spool Height 25" (635mm) | Spool Width 8" (203mm)

How it works

Simply insert the rodder through the back of the Base Station and connect it to the Scout.

Connect the Scout to the Base Station and place the entire unit into the hole.

Mark a reference point using the in-built laser.

Push the Scout to the end of the hole and pull it back up.

Once the Scout returns to the Base Station, the data will be wirelessly transmitted to the software, displaying a 3D trace of the hole.