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GeoSight Inc. designs, develops and produces mapping technology for the underground mining industry.

Our Cavity Monitoring System (CMS) allows our clients to accurately collect and process survey data quickly and with ease, increasing profitability and safety.
Since 2011, GeoSight has been providing Cavity Monitoring Systems (CMS) to the underground mining industry and has deployed systems to customers across six continents.

Based in Bowmanville, Canada, GeoSight has an office in Sydney, Australia and representatives throughout the world.
Robust and Easy to calibrate.
Typical applications are monitoring ore passes, shafts, stopes and voids.

Image 360 Degree View

Geo-Reference with or without a Total Station

First truly wireless underground cavity monitoring system

Water and dust proof

User friendly calibration

Will mate with current on the market booms

Battery on board

Field of view: 360° x 300°

Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows Mobile compatible

This was a new scanner that was smashed by falling rocks! But we were able to go immediately and do more scanning! The fact that it still worked is a powerful testament to our technology. We have the toughest scanner in mining.

John Lupton
President, GeoSight CMS


GeoSight implements a Management System, certified by QAS according to Standard ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate Number CAN1867)